2073 The portfolio of nordicstocks

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Two horses standing while eating
Two white windmills slowly turning
Cedar wooden shingles roof roofing roofs tiles
An old wrecked wooden boat
The side view of an old barrel
Splinters belt rolling and dropping stones
The old grain mill and the wind mill
A 4x4 offroad vehicle is stuck on the tree FS700 4K
Set of ropes on the sail mast of the big ship on dock GH4 4K
Splinter s belt slowly moving inwards
Natural colored juice on frozen jellies all packed and refrigerated surrounded by ice
Limestones dropping in a conveyor
Rocks slowly dropping from the splinter
Cedar wooden shingles roof roofing roofworking taring
A warship on standy and a small viking boat crossing GH4 4K UHD
Lots of malanga on display several root crops piled
Dropping of rocks on the splinter machine
Slow moving rocks dropping in a conveyor
Closer image of the ground in the bog swamp marsh land
Part of the splinter drops crushed stones
Raising of the big viking flag ready to sail GH4 4K UHD
Cedar wooden shingle shake roof of the cabin log neatly done
Snow is falling down so fast
Pan troglodytes or chimpanzee is going down from the tree FS700 4K
The old barrel beside the wrecked boat
Up close image of the lots of yellow grapes big grapes
Three old barrels inside a room
A yellow sign on top of the hill of limestone
Healthy sweet potato root crop
A sail mast of the ship with a big cloth for sailing GH4 4K
Pulling off a 4x4 offroad vehicle stuck on the tree FS700 4K
Orange fruit stand with lots of fruits soursoup
Some colorful water bicycle for tourists of the old castle GH4 4K UHD
Small sea shells on display several clams piled
Dropping off crushed stones on the truck
Water fountain designed with seal in Finland Helsinki
Cedar wooden shingles roof roofing colored pine tar column
Broken window glass from a house
A huge ship and a small boat on dock on Estonia port GH4 4K UHD
Image of the spotted Amanita Muscaria fly agaric mushroom and withered leaves o ground
Two icebreaker ships on dock on the harbour port GH4 4K
The sail mast of the big ship or boat on dock GH4 4K
A man in boots walking onto the thick mud FS700 4K
Trees are covered with thick snow
A 4x4 offroad vehicle that is so muddy and stuck FS700 4K
A small cannon handicraft on the boat on dock  GH4 4K
The harbour or port in Tallinn Estonia GH4 4K UHD
Two brown cows in the herd one with horns
Small sea shells on display piled seashells
The old rusty blue and red icebreaker ship named Trader GH4 4K

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